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NX900.5 - 900 Watt Five Channel Amplifier

OE (Original Equipment) Integration

Want to retain the factory installed radio in your vehicle and add some power? No problem..... the NX900.5 provides the option of high level inputs for use with factory installed stereos.  Additionally the amplifier features a intergraded remote sensing circuit within high level inputs to trigger the amplifier "ON" once signal is detected.

DSP Netlink

Each NXS amplifier features unique DSP Netlink digital connections that allow networking of multiple amplifiers via standard RJ11 phone cable using proprietary technology. This makes adjustments of multiple amplifiers a breeze.

Auto RCA Input Select

The NX900.5 allows for two, four or six channel input configurations.  This gives the flexibility of using only two channels of input and the amplifier automatically divides the signal internally for five channels of output (Non Fading).  The six channel input configuration offers normal independent operation allowing for front and rear fading capability through the head unit.

 Power @ 4 Ohm

70W x 4 + 300W x 1


 Frequency Response

 Power @ 2 Ohm

100W x 4 + 500W x 1

 S/N Ratio (A-weight) >93dB
 Power @ 1 Ohm


 THD  with 22k filter



Class A/B + D

 **Digital Signal Processing

 Digital Signal Processor


         Crossover Type

 High Level Inputs

400mV ~10V

         Crossover Range

 Remote Auto Sensing


         Crossover Slope

 Low Level Inputs

200mV ~6V

         Equalizer Bands (Per Channel)

 Intelligent Remote Level


         Equalizer Frequency Range

20Hz - 20kHz
 DSP Netlink Capability


         *Equalizer Q Adjustment

0 - 2.5
 Protection  Circuitry


         Equalizer Gain -30dB to +6dB
 Battery Voltage Range


         *Time Delay (Channel 1~ 4) 30 - 135cm
 Size MM (W x D x H)

488 x 219 x 64

         Phase Adjustment (Sub)

0 -180
** DSP adjustments require the NXLCDC or NXLI using the NXCS software (Sold Separately)
* Some DSP functions can only be adjusted saved and recalled through the NXCS Software.
Due to continuing product improvement, product and specifications subject to change without notice.


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